Information for fisheries stakeholders

The Offshore Infrastructure Regulator has published a new brochure for fisheries stakeholders.

The Offshore renewables and interactions with fisheries brochure provides information on key aspects of the Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act (OEI Act) framework relevant to commercial and recreational fishers. The brochure also highlights where the views of fishers and other stakeholders can be accounted for across the OEI Act framework.

Unless early engagement on commercial-scale projects is requested, project developers are encouraged not to undertake project-specific consultation with stakeholders or commence detailed works on a proposed offshore renewables project until they have been granted a feasibility licence under the OEI Act.

Commercial and recreational fishers through peak bodies are also encouraged to publish their expectations for genuine, effective, and meaningful consultation, enabling project developers to tailor their engagement with fisheries stakeholders accordingly.

Collaboration across sectors on issues of common interest will be key to the long-term success and sustainability of offshore industries in Australia.



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